Dutch Chamber Miami – Frank Behrens


The Dutch Chamber Miami is an new initiative in order to fill the vacuum that existed :
Dutch companies who want or do business here in Florida on one side and the right connections with local businesses and government in order to create long term sustainable profitable streams of income.Established in 2011, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Miami evolved from existing activities and initiatives from the Netherlands Association of South Florida (www.dutchclub.com) and the diplomatic mission of the Netherlands in the United States in Miami, Florida.

With ambitious plans and a balanced portfolio of business products and services, the Chamber offers her members a range of tools and influence, to facilitate access to practical, measurable business expansion opportunities. We work closely with local chambers of commerce and other important government agencies, which promote business opportunities here in Florida. We also have outstanding contacts back in Holland with Dutch and United States private and government organizations, in order to create a platform with maximum exposure on both sides of the ocean for all our members.

The Chamber is a for-profit, non-governmental, a-political organization for companies and individuals who invest and trade between United States and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Chamber is an open forum with the sole purpose of exchanging knowledge and experience with its members. It is a meeting point for business people to talk and be advised about their business problems and where networking is easy and effective in order to make your investment and business opportunities in Florida work! We serve as a benchmark and voice for the Dutch-American business community in Florida. Supporting it whenever necessary on issues affecting the investment climate in both countries. We offer business services and share information to inform our members about legal and economic developments that could influence its members business and investment both here in Florida and in the Netherlands.