Dutch Chamber Miami – Frank Behrens
Mission Statement

Our Mission

The mission of the Dutch Chamber Miami is three folded:

Creating a platform where local and international business people meet, connect and generate. Generate contacts for your network, investors for your ideas, markets to expand, new products to sell, new projects to join, new opportunities to explore. When leaders connect things happen, we are here to make that connection for you!

To maximize the value of your membership we look at your needs. Focus on what you need to succeed. Identifying your needs creates opportunities for our members. We connect the dots and create a solution through our network. Listen, focus, connect and find solutions through opportunities.

Through our Members network the Chamber creates access to new opportunities and possibilities:
– New Projects through your expanded network of contacts
– Members with interesting profiles and searching for investors
– Corporate members representing international companies
– Government access at the highest level in the US and Europe
– Knowledge and experience of our Members
– Market data and information about competitors
– Training programs
– Seminars, conventions and trade shows