Dutch Chamber Miami – Frank Behrens
Office Representation

Since many potential clients in the U.S. prefer doing business from within their own country and familiar time zone, accessibility is key to starting any new venture or expanding into the U.S. When you become a member, we can work with you to provide representation services that will allow you to run your international office from your current location, while making your organization easily accessible for U.S. clients. We can provide you with a U.S. postal address, phone and email support.

Our clients come from private, public, and not-for profit organizations across many industries. Our multidisciplinary team has a proven track record of successfully providing business advice to organizations that want to grow their business, using our knowledge of the US market and the multilateral development organizations, and our large network of local and international partners.

We will help you run a virtual office in Miami:
• Professional staff; our team will impress you daily with our personalized
• and professional customer service.
• Full time multilingual employees with Trans Atlantic experience.
• Innovative and affordable office solutions.

Accessibility Services Include:
• Temporary office and meeting rooms while visiting Miami
• Telephone handling
• Representation services
• Customer services
• Administrative services; incl. mail handling and PO Box
• Bank check handling
• Address and meeting services

Services start at $ 200.00 per month