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A UNIQUE and POWERFUL Leadership Tool that allows you to create a SUCCESSFUL ENTRY STRATEGY for doing business with the US.
• Tired of going to trade shows and conventions?
• Enough money wasted on “experts” at home about the US?
• Running out of time to get your product launched in the US before Christmas?
• You need help improving your distribution and marketing strategy in the US?
• You want to make money in the largest market in the world?

The Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Miami has developed a COMPLETE program that will get you the results you want in the US.
With our double Coaching Program (Leadership Affluence and Leadership Influence) we can give you the jump start you need to become successful in the US.
In two weeks we will cover all the necessary angles of your business, will introduce you to all the necessary professionals and experts, will set you up with local successful business executives, will improve your network, will find you leads and market information to send you back home with all the tools you need to define your new entry strategy to the US and become successful.

Part One: Leadership Affluence
“Information is Power”
Get your information from the best in their field. Get the right information.
Get the information you need. Get the information that will make you successful.

Day 1: Morning: Legal information
During a two hour session you will have the ability to ask lawyers tailor made advice about your company and your strategy. In this first session we will discuss liability, structure and contracts. Learn how your company needs to deal with liability issues in the US, get advice about the right legal structure and be informed about contracts used in the US to secure your business success. Learn from the best and get the information you need to build a successful entry strategy to the US for your company.

Day 1: Afternoon: Accounting information
You will meet with accountants and consultants. During a two hour session you will learn about the way accounting is setup in the US. In relation to the morning session, you will find out about transfer pricing and tax regulations and limitations.Let the expert tell you how to run your invoice and banking systems. Learn the does and dont’s about the American bookkeeping system. Find out about the advantages of direct export of an agent. Get the total picture to create a legal and tax structure that will rocket your company to the next level in the US!

Day 1: Afternoon: Banking information
Visit the largest bank in the US and be informed about the procedures of opening up bank accounts in the US, transferring and wiring foreign funds, applying for loans, buying other financial products. Credit cards, credit rates and credit scores. Learn how to move your money, make your payments, get your money paid by your customers and the risks involved. Make sure your money will be save and learn how to do so.
The information you will get from this team of professionals is key. Being able to control and have access to your money at any time is crucial to become successful in the US.

Day 2: Morning: Back office and HR
You will have a private session with experts. During this morning session you can learn about global expansion to the US. What will be the consequences of opening your office in the US. What are major differences between Europe and the US? What regulations apply for having and operating your own office? What could be alternatives? What are more efficient and cheaper solutions?

Day 2: Afternoon: Hiring and Firing your team
The first part of the afternoon will be spent talking to the experts in the HR field. Learn what it takes to find, hire and keep your dream team to make a success in the US. Finding people, paying them enough, the perks, the contracts, a company car? Vacation money, bonuses? Pension and social security?
The experts will help you with all the legal aspects. They will tell you the best way to build a strong team.

Day 2: Afternoon: Finding an office and/or home
we have invited a very experienced realtor, who can tell you all about finding the right office for the right price.The right locations and the best lease prices for popular areas. The “small letters” in contracts. What is standard, what is necessary. Most common clauses in contracts, things you need to know before you sign any lease contract. He can also help you find the perfect home for your family.

Day 2: Afternoon:Importing your team…
Working and living in the US is a dream for many. Make sure it doesn’t just stay a dream but becomes reality. In a one-to-one session with our visa expert from a leading visa law office in Miami, you will get the total picture about the different ways to apply for different visa’s. Everybody and everybody’s situation is different, so different visa apply.
Getting a visa to work and live in the US is a necessary step to build your organization here in the US. A good lawyer with a good track record is a good start. Use it to get the right legal assistance to guarantee you stay in the US to be successful.

Day 3: Morning Visa, working and living in the US legally
When you decide to come to the US to work and live here, you need a VISA. A VISA for you and your family, but also a VISA for your co-workers.
There are several options and different types of visa’s. You will have a one-on-one workshop with an immigration lawyer, who can tell you everything about the right visa for you, your co-workers and your family members. He will answer questions about differences in visa, prices and procedures. You will get the picture and you will get the information so you can decide which visa is best for your needs.

Day 3: Afternoon Insurance
The foreign experts of AON have setup a bunch of typical insurances for foreign companies that want to do business with or in the US. AON is the leading insurance company in the US and have very qualified international experts that can answer any kind of question.
Because of the whole liability issue with the US, it is essential that you learn the most important information about this from the experts. Find out what you have to do to get the best insurance and to be covered. Feel protected once you start doing business with and in the US. Even if you get sued. Make sure that your insurance helps you in such a way that you do not have to worry and that you are covered.

Day 4: Morning Social Media
The US is leading in e-commerce. So when you come to the US your e-commerce must be up to date in order to compete and be successful.
In this special designed workshop you will have a chance to take your social media strategy for the US under a closer loop. You will learn from an internet veteran, BrandReact. He can tell you all you have to do or adjust in order to make sure you have a competitive strategy for your e-commerce. Ask the right questions and see what is necessary to develop a successful social media strategy for the US.

Day 4: Afternoon Marketing Strategy
Be taught by the giants in marketing land: BBDO. Talk to the leaders of marketing in the US and find out what you need to do in order to communicate with your US customers. Learn the differences in channels and audiences. Get the latest on things that work and strategies that are out. Listen to creative insights that will improve your marketing communication and that will change the way you look at your American potential customers.

Day 5: Morning Market Research
Meet the people of the Beacon Council. They know everything. About your market. Talk to professionals that have access to any type of information about your market. Make sure you hear everything you would like to hear about your market. Make sure you hear more. Make sure you get to know your market. Knowing your market makes creating a successful entry strategy to the US so much easier.

Day 5: Afternoon Exporting to the US
The last part of our Affluence Coaching program will be handles by Nedloyd. Their international account managers will guide you through the maze of international regulations regarding imports to the US.
Learn about permits, documentation, legalized documents, inspections, free zones, freight prices, transport companies, customs, import duties. Anything. Every product (or service) is different and needs specific documents and permits before it can be sold in the US. This is your chance to create a complete checklist made by the experts, to make sure your product will arrive in the US without any problems!

Mentor Program
During the first week of our Leadership Affluence Coaching Program, you will be supported by our Mentor Program. We will give you access to our highest and most experienced members. People that have proven to be very successful in the US. People with a proven track record. They have done it and know what it takes to become a leader in this country.
During lunches, dinners and network events, you will be able to meet these people. You can ask them specific information or opinions about your business challenges and your business ideas for the US.
In a social setting we try to team you up with as much mentors as possible.
We will take you out for lunch and will introduce you to those mentors that best fit your profile and companies industry and goals.
Being part of the European Chambers of Commerce, the Greater Miami Chamber and the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce, we have access to all their members and network events.
During your stay in Miami you will be introduced to local business people. Business people that can help you share their story about their success, help you built your network, find you new distributors, tell you more about specific customers, etc.
For those who actually want to move to the US and are considering Florida to become their new home, we will introduce you to the NASF in order to give you the proper introduction.
We will also hand out a very practical booklet with detailed information about Miami and its whereabouts. How to find a good school for your kids, where to live, where to go, where to eat. What to see, bring, say, etc. We will make you feel at home in no time.

Part Two: Leadership Influence
“It is who you know…”
Based on the questionnaire you will fill out before you travel to Miami, we have organized a second Coaching program during your second week in the US: Leadership Influence.
First, we have done some market research for you. We have compiled the most important and most compelling market information about your products, market and industry.
This market study will give you clear insight in the American market and will determine your focus. Knowing your market before you make the move to the US is key for your success. It is essential to know the ins and outs of the largest market in the world, before you even consider selling there!
Second, we have identified four potential customers for you. Depending on your answers this can either be final customers, brokers or distributors. Depends on what you are looking for.
But we will match you up with four contacts that will generate your first leads in the US.
These leads could be in Miami, Florida or all over the States, depending on your request, your goals and your specifications.

There you have it. A complete coaching program that will allow you to get the total picture for doing business successfully in the US within two weeks.
All for an introductory price of € 6.625,00

Two weeks with the people that know, with the people that can help, with the people that built your network, with the people that can be your first customers, with people IN the US, about the US, to create the necessary input for your entry strategy to the US.
The market research and matching programs will be executed by the Beacon Council, the Dutch Consulate, other European Consulates if the client is non-Dutch and the Greater and Miami beach Chambers of Commerce. They all have excellent services (we have to pay for) to do extensive market research and to do matching (with their members).

In order to market this new Leadership Program at the Dutch Chamber in Miami we have setup an affiliate program. We will contact all European Chambers and European Trade organizations in Europe to ask them to participate in our Leadership Program.
By recommending a company to participate in our US Leadership Program, they will get a 25% Finder’s fee.
Our program is especially designed to meet any client’s needs and therefore, we can cater to any country outside the US that wants to follow our program.
In Holland we will reach out the EVD, FENEDEX, NCH, Nijenrode, KVK, AgentschapNL, etc.

In phase two of our Leadership program we will develop two more coaching programs:
– LATIN LEADERSHIP for companies that want to do business with Latin America
– HOLLAND LEADERSHIP for US companies that want to do business with Holland icm American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands and Nijenrode University.

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